The Executive Pin Code Assessment


Executive Pin Code Assessment

Unlock Your Executive Blueprint

The purpose of this questionnaire is to identify your current executive blueprint, i.e. the top six capabilities that talk to how you naturally think and behave right now as a senior leader.  This is what comes naturally to you; this combination of talents does not need to be forced.

Executive Placement Firms

Matching Talent with Opportunity

In addition to being useful for self-reflection, the results can also be used to understand the strengths and blind spots of the leadership team as a whole.




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For each of the questions, rate how true each item is for you by assigning a number between 1-6.

Try to answer as honestly as you can. Please see the infographic below for the 1-6 scale rating.

Harldy ever true

(5% or less)

Seldom true

(Less than 40%)

Sometimes true

(Between 40% and 60%)

Often true

(60% or more)

Mostly true

(80% or more)

Almost always true

(95% or more)